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Caesarstone Quartz Countertops

Caesarstone ® quartz countertops are hugely popular these days, and it looks like they are here to stay. These high-quality quartz countertops offer several benefits, including durability, versatility, and minimal maintenance.

We take a look at what makes this beautifully engineered stone such a great investment for your home, whether you are using it in your kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or anywhere else.

About Caesarstone ®

Caesarstone ® is synonymous with quality in the industry. Made using 93% natural quartz, these surfaces blend timeless luxury and modern sophistication with unbeatable durability and strength.

The company, founded in 1987, was an early pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. It has succeeded in setting new standards of craftsmanship and innovation in the market, particularly through its focus on undertaking extensive research and development.

A true trendsetter in the field, the company now offers a wide variety of colors and the finest texture options available in today’s quartz surface industry. The unique components and advanced technology used to manufacture these unique surfaces are what gives them their incredible durability.

Advantages of Caesarstone ® Quartz

There are several benefits to purchasing Caesarstone ® quartz countertops. These carefully engineered surfaces manage to preserve the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone while offering several added advantages to the user.

Natural durability: Its superior strength and quality are what gives Caesarstone ® such a significant advantage over a natural stone and other surfacing materials. Quartz rates 7.0 on Moh’s Hardness Scale, which is currently the recognized measure of scratch resistance for any material.

The only materials to rank higher, with a ranking of 10, are topaz, diamonds, and sapphires. Of course, it is always best to avoid direct cutting on the surface and use a cutting board instead.

Easy to clean: The non-permeable surface makes cleaning a breeze. Most liquids, such as coffee, wine, and soft drinks will not stain the surface and can be easily wiped up. Just using soap and water, or a mild detergent is usually all that is required to maintain the surface’s luster.

These worktops do not require sealing and only minimal maintenance to keep them looking good as new. That means you do not have to worry about polishing or oiling the countertop to keep it looking as good as when you first had it installed.

Safe food preparation: The fact that quartz in a non-porous surface makes it hugely popular for kitchen countertops. You can safely prepare food on this surface, without having to worry about fluids, germs or bacteria permeating their way into the counter.

Versatility: While quartz is often a popular choice for a kitchen countertop installation, these surfaces can also be used for tabletops, floors, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, vanities, shower surrounds, island tops, walls, and much more.

The different colors, collections and styles can be used in an endless array of possibilities, only limited by your creativity. No matter what room in your home you choose it for, these surfaces will help you to achieve a designer feel that perfectly matches your personality.

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality countertop, then Caesarstone ® quartz may just be the answer. Offering style, durability, and practicality, it is the ideal fit for any home environment.

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