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Add Curb Appeal with Natural Stone

Adding or replacing paving is an ideal way to enhance your home’s curb appeal. New paving creates a beautiful look for the exterior of your house. In fact, paving can influence the appearance of your entire patio, backyard, walkway or front yard.

However, there are so many paving options to choose from. It can be hard to determine the best paving for your home. How do you know which designs, manufacturers, textures, colors and styles to choose? You can filter out your options simply by understanding the difference between natural stone and concrete paving.

Natural Stone Paving

Natural stone paving originates from actual rock. As such, its colors and textures are all natural. Much like how slabs of natural granite differ from one another, natural stone paving won’t have a consistent pattern or color.

Natural stone paving comes from the formation of minerals over the course of time. As such, they have withstood harsh weather conditions and impact from humans and animals. Needless to say, natural stone is as durable as it gets.

It is possible to get consistent textures and colors of natural stone paving, but the patterns won’t be symmetrical.

Concrete Paving

Paving made of concrete is manufactured by man, and comes in various textures, colors, sizes and shapes. Concrete paving can be customized to a customer’s tastes, and unlike natural stone, concrete paving patterns can be symmetrical.

Since concrete paving is more adaptable, multiple sizes and colors are a possibility for decorative purposes. Concrete paving tends to be cheaper than natural stone paving, since it is man-made. Concrete paving is also very durable, and best of all, can be replaced if they are damaged in any way.

Both concrete and natural stone paving are resistant to earthquakes, more so than solid concrete slabs.

Natural stone and concrete paving can be washed with a paver sealer, which will make them look new for a long period of time. Look online for prices and deals on both forms of paving.

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