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Natural Stone and Tile

What are the benefits of natural stone tiles?

The natural stone tiles are getting quite popular as flooring material. They have been used since thousands of year. The natural stone is one versatile and dynamic product which one can use in traditional as well as the contemporary buildings.

What are benefits of stone tiles? Do they really give a feeling of warmth to home?

Benefits of the natural stone tiles

Practical benefits:

Generally the stone tiles have been used in hallways and kitchens, however due to their practicality and durability; they are now widely being used in the bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Those people who are searching for some material which can last longer than carpets and which has easy maintenance, stone tiles are the best option. Natural stone tiles have also emerged as a feature which adds value to property. As housing market started to stagnate, home owners began devoting the resources to regeneration through the addition of modern luxuries such as stone tiles to the properties instead of incurring expenses of moving.

Warming Benefits of the stone tiles

It is regularly advised by the designers that the natural materials, the warm colors and variety of textures are best products in order to provide cozy feel. This makes the tiles of natural stone a perfect option. In addition, the advancements in the under floor heating systems means that adding real warmth is quite easy now. The electric under floor heating equipment may be set on existing floor. Then stone tiles can be laid on top giving luxury which is craved by many consumers of today.

Eco friendly benefits

As stone is a very good conductor, so the addition of under floor heating also adds to eco-friendly benefits of the stone tiles. Since the heat is generated by drifting up in to rooms, the traditional systems of heating can be used less, which makes savings on the utility bills. Stone tiles are very durable. They last for long time’s sometimes even outliving actual building. In addition they require very less maintenance. Also they are among the most sustainable products available in market.

But aren’t stone tiles quite expensive?

The argument of natural stone being expensive is not true anymore. The demand has increased overtime as more people have started using stone floor as one investment which will lasts many years. As a result cost of the stone tiles has decreased.

Talk to Davis Stone regarding benefits of the stone tiles

The stone tiles are able to enhance the home through the addition of warmth and touch of quality, both in the cases of contemporary and traditional living areas. In case you are thinking of replacing the flooring, we can help you in choosing the right natural stone tiles for your home. You can even seek our help with tile or stone installation.

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