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Common Uses for Natural Stone

Natural stone has been used in buildings for centuries. There are ancient buildings and ruins constructed using natural stone that are still here today, which just shows you how durable the material really is. These days it is used for everything from a building’s exterior, to the fireplace, bathtub, floors, and sink.

We take a look at some of the several uses for natural stone, its benefits, as well as the different types that can be purchased. You would be surprised at just how versatile this strong, durable material is.

Types of Natural Stone

There are various natural stones available on the market, varying in price and durability.

Some natural stone, such as marble, can be quite expensive, but there are other types of stone to consider. Some of the most commonly used include:

Marble - Marble is an expensive natural stone, often pink or white with gray or black veins.

Granite - Granite is often used as a cheaper alternative to marble as it has a similar appearance.

Flagstone - Flagstone is cheaper than both marble and granite, it is usually used outside due to it being very durable.

Basaltina - Basaltina is a durable stone that is used in construction.

Slate - Slate is durable and attractive in appearance, it is most often used for roof tiles and flooring.

Soap Stone - Soap stone is often used for interior surfacing and counter tops.

Limestone - Limestone has many uses; it’s attractive in appearance and is low maintenance.

Travertine - Travertine is used as a building material and also for patio and garden paths.

The Benefits of Using Natural Stone

Natural stone has been a popular building material for centuries, which is easy to understand when you think about how many benefits there are to using stone. Benefits include:
  1. Natural stone is 100% safe; it contains no harmful pollutants meaning it can be used where food is prepared or eaten.
  2. It is available in a huge selection of colors, textures, finishes and patterns. There will always be a stone that suits the interior or exterior of a property. Not only is there a huge variety, but also each piece will always be unique in its appearance.
  3. Natural stone maintains its beauty for lifetimes and can be easily cleaned. Even floors that are centuries old can be restored back to their original condition. It is known as a material that is everlasting.
  4. While it often requires a high investment, thanks to its durability, the price of natural stone is comparable to synthetic building materials.
  5. When natural stone is extracted, it is basically in its finished form. Energy is only used for quarrying and processing; no energy is needed for its manufacture, so it is quite ecological.
  6. Natural stone is also very practical, and it has a great thermal conductivity and a very large heat storage capacity.

Types of Projects using Natural Stone

Residential Exterior

Natural stone is a very versatile material. The uses for it are as wide as the homeowner's imagination and creativity. Natural stone will always suit the exterior of properties as it is a natural material so it won’t look out of place.

Fountains, walkways, patios, stepping stones, retaining walls, facades, trim, driveways, curbing, stairs, columns, pools, pavers, landscaping, posts and garden benches are just a few ways that natural stone can be used to enhance the residential exterior.

Residential Interior

Natural stone is an easy way for homeowners to make their homes interior look more refined, stately, and luxurious. Not only will their homes look more elegant, but it can also enhance the home's resale value.

Some of the common ways people use natural stone in their interior are floors, desktops,hallways, fireplaces, furniture, hearths, mantels, entryways, backsplashes, walls, showers,bathtubs, islands, sinks, vanities, decorative hood surrounds, kitchen, and bathroom counter tops.

Commercial Exterior

Due to natural stone needing practically no maintenance, it is a great material for exterior uses. Some of the external commercial applications are stairs, curbing, building facade, driveways, stepping stones, walkways, sculptures, garden pathways, memorials, garden benches, monuments, retaining walls, columns, streetscape, and landscaping.

Commercial Interior

Natural stone is often perceived as high quality, meaning high value. Using it within the interior of a commercial building can add value to the property and make it look more sophisticated. Commercial interior applications include bathrooms, walls, sinks, reception areas, entryways, conference room tables, office building lobbies, floors, vanities, and hospital operatories.


Natural stone landscaping is a great way to add beauty to the exterior of any property; there are many ways that these stones can be used in landscaping. Pathways, stepping stones, benches, garden trim, stairs, fountains, walkways, walls, sculptures, and pavers are just a few ways. However, with some creativity, there is so much more that could be done.

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